One-Hitter Pipe, Jade Bubble

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Timeless. Easy to Clean. Handmade in Canada.

Perfect for the active go-getter, this handcrafted ceramic smoking pipe is an elegantly simple accessory that's easy to use & care for.  

  • The chamber is small, just enough for 2 to 3 quick puffs! 
  • For your comfort, its long stem cools the smoke before it reaches your mouth.
  • (Optional) Includes space for a filter which reduces the amount of toxins ingested as a result of the combustion. *Fits a cotton filter that measures 6mm x 15mm.
  • The porous ceramic stem will absorb some moisture and tar, acting as a natural filter.
  • Measures 4.5" long x 10mm wide 

Pair it with the “Bliss One-Hitter Case” to carry your filters & herb, and keep your Bliss One-Hitter Pipe safe while traveling. The purchase of a One-Hitter Case includes 1 custom-fit "Bliss One-Hitter Cleaning Tool" as well as 5 filters to start.

*As all our ceramic products are handmade, please be aware that each item may vary slightly.

Customer Reviews

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Thank you for your review Alexandre! We're so glad you like it :)

Amar Ghelani
It kicks ass

Love the pipe, it fuckin rocks and is not harsh on my lungs. If you ever make a pipe that looks like a cigar, please let me know, I'll buy that one too! I think a lot of dudes would dig it. In the meanwhile, thanks for this perfect pipe :) keep up the good work


Thank you so much Amar - your words mean the world to us! We'll definitely keep working on that cigar idea! :)